Ben Stevens

I’m a theologian and writer. I live in Berlin, Germany, with my wife and best friend Becky. My first book, Why God Created the World: A Jonathan Edwards Adaptation, was released by Navpress in July.

My primary passion is “fighting theological illiteracy.” I want Christians to understand what they believe and non-Christians to understand what they’re rejecting. There’s lots of room to grow in both areas, and every project I have can be traced back to that primary passion. 2014 will be an exciting year as several of those projects are nearing completion.

I studied German at Missouri State and at the University of Marburg. After finishing my bachelor’s, I did graduate work in theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I have been fortunate to be published in the online editions of The Washington Times, The Huffington Post, First Things, Christianity Today, Relevant, and the Gospel Coalition. Why God Created the World: A Jonathan Edwards Adaptation, my first book, will be released in July by Navpress.

I don’t blog much but keep some notes on the next page. The best way to keep up with me is on Twitter, or feel free to shoot me an email. I have listed some of my most recent publications below. All the best!

Select Publications

“21st Century Christian Rhetoric” on The Gospel Coalition Blog

“How to Spot a Fake Apology” in Relevant Magazine

“Why God Created the World” (excerpt) on The Gospel Coalition Blog

“3 Dating Non-Negotiables” in Relevant Magazine

“Confessions of a One-Night VIP” in The Huffington Post

“Photographing Westboro Baptist” in The Huffington Post

“Creative Orthodoxy” on The Gospel Coalition Blog

“Guns in the Bible” in The Huffington Post

“The Gospel According to Christopher” in The Huffington Post

“Giving Thanks With the Persecuted” in The Washington Times

“Christian Fear Through the Years” in The Huffington Post

“Easy Christian Fame” in Relevant Magazine

“Lost in Translation” in Relevant Magazine

“Memorizing the Whole New Testament” in The Huffington Post

“Brief Thoughts on Time” on The Gospel Coalition Blog

“LGBT: An Open-Minded Movement?” in First Things

“The Catholic-Protestant Schism” in The Huffington Post

“How To Love Your Neighbor” on The Gospel Coalition Blog

“The Spielberg Study Method” in Christianity Today

“Is Anders Breivik a Fundamentalist?” in The Huffington Post

“Greater Love Hath No Politician” in The Huffington Post

“God, Liquor, and the Gospel of Ken Burns” in The Huffington Post

“The Myth of Financial Freedom” in Relevant Magazine

“Should Christian Organizations Flee Bad Names?” in Huffington Post

“Is Twitter the Death of Writing?” in Relevant Magazine

“Two Lesbians Raised a Baby: A Response” in The Huffington Post


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